As a child I was never really interested in crochet or crafts for that matter. I was too busy playing with my Barbies. My mom was a wonder in all things yarn and fabric. She used to make our clothes, Halloween costumes, doll clothes and so much more. I didn't give it a thought until she passed away in 2008. I starting wondering why I never had the obsession for crafting that she did. She was always doing something with her arthritic hands to keep busy. Mom was so worried that her hands would get so bad she would lose her ability to craft. To her that would be a fate worse than death. 
Almost immediately after her passing I got the bug. I found out she had taught my niece how to crochet so I asked Michelle to teach me. It was something I should have asked my mother years before but life got in the way and it is something I will regret for the rest of my life.
Once I got the hang of crochet I went crazy with it and couldn't find enough patterns to do. I started off with a couple couch blankets and it went form there.

My first crochet blanket 

I became obsessed with Youtube and Pinterest and away I went.
 7 years later and hundreds of dollars invested I am a crochet machine but I can't seem to make a sock for my life though lol. 
In addition to this blog I have a Facebook page that I would love you to come join. 
Here is the link: Sandy C Crafty Bee

My most favorite thing in the world to crochet is hats. Beanies and Scoodies mostly but last year I got addicted to Slouchy hats. Here are just a few I have done.

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